U.S. Funding Cuts Leave Europe Grappling with Ukraine Aid Dilemma

war in ukraine

The U.S. decision to exclude aid for Ukraine in a recent funding measure has left Europe grappling with the potential need to fill the support gap, writes The Walls Street Journal. This move was met with concern by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who emphasized Ukraine’s resolve against Russia. In response, European foreign ministers convened in … Read more

Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union: The Safe Haven for Rapidly Growing Deposits

In a recent conversation with Iurii Baiurak, the communication manager at Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union, we discussed the topics of deposit safety and fraud prevention. Iurii Baiurak shared valuable insights into the measures taken by the credit union to protect their members’ deposits and prevent fraudulent activities. Deposit Safety When asked about the safety … Read more