Family Health Insurance Premiums at Work Soar to Nearly $24,000


The annual cost of family health insurance coverage at work has risen to an average of nearly $24,000 this year, marking a 7% increase from the previous year, according to the KFF’s Employer Health Benefits Survey. Employees are contributing an average of $6,575 towards their share of the premium, which is almost $500 or close … Read more

As Poland Prepares to Vote: The Deep-Rooted Tensions of Kaczyński and Tusk Take Center Stage


The upcoming parliamentary election in Poland is underscored by a 20-year intense rivalry between Jarosław Kaczyński, the country’s de facto leader, and Donald Tusk, former president of the European Council and current leader of the opposition Civic Platform party. Their bitter feud, which is deeply personal, has significantly influenced Polish politics, writes Financial Times. The … Read more

Ukraine Aid Uncertain if Jim Jordan Takes House Speaker Helm

Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, a potential candidate for the speaker position

U.S. funding for Ukraine is now uncertain because Representative Kevin McCarthy is no longer the House speaker, writes Bloomberg. This change might allow some Republicans to delay help for Ukraine. The decision of who becomes the next House speaker is crucial because the Republican party is split on the issue. While many in Congress want … Read more

Behind the Lines: How Poland’s Rzeszów Became Ukraine’s Lifeline and Russia’s Target

Rynek Rzeszow

Rzeszów serves as a primary logistics hub for weapon deliveries to Ukraine amidst its conflict with Russia, reports The Wall Street Journal. The hub’s significance surged post Russia’s 2022 Ukraine invasion. Interestingly, an intoxicated local uncovered a Russian espionage plot to disrupt weapon transports by spotting a suspicious camera. Despite recent Poland-Ukraine diplomatic disagreements over … Read more

U.S. Funding Cuts Leave Europe Grappling with Ukraine Aid Dilemma

war in ukraine

The U.S. decision to exclude aid for Ukraine in a recent funding measure has left Europe grappling with the potential need to fill the support gap, writes The Walls Street Journal. This move was met with concern by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who emphasized Ukraine’s resolve against Russia. In response, European foreign ministers convened in … Read more

Roasting Roots: A Celebration of Ukrainian and European Traditions by Mamai Coffee


In 2022, three Ukrainians in San Diego embarked on a journey to share their love for coffee and the Cossack spirit of freedom with the world. Oleksandr Lugovskiy, Andriy Proshchenko, and Viktoriia Vlasenko founded a coffee brand called Mamai Coffee, named after the well-known Cossack figure, Mamai. The team targeted a diverse audience, including recently … Read more

Exploring Cardiac Wellness: Conversations with Dr. Petro Lenchur on Heart Attacks and Prevention


In the vital field of cardiology, Dr. Petro Lenchur, a noted MD Cardiologist and Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, provides clear and authoritative insights into achieving good heart health. With his deep knowledge of the heart and related diseases, Dr. Lenchur sheds light on the important aspects of cardiac well-being, heart attack warning … Read more

Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union: The Safe Haven for Rapidly Growing Deposits

In a recent conversation with Iurii Baiurak, the communication manager at Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union, we discussed the topics of deposit safety and fraud prevention. Iurii Baiurak shared valuable insights into the measures taken by the credit union to protect their members’ deposits and prevent fraudulent activities. Deposit Safety When asked about the safety … Read more

$550,000 in scholarships from Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union


This year’s scholarship program of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union saw scholarships awarded to a record number of 512 young members of the Credit Union, with a total value of $550,000. In this edition of the PSFCU scholarship program, 324 high-school graduates and 188 college students were awarded. The winners received scholarships up … Read more

California Expands Mobile Driver’s License Pilot Program to the General Public


The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has expanded its Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) pilot program to the general public, after initially launching it in May with a limited number of participants, reports NBC Los Angeles. The pilot program allows residents to upload their driver’s license to their smartphones via the CA DMV Wallet app. … Read more

At naturalization ceremonies, it will now be possible to add your name to the voter lists


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated its Policy Manual to clarify and enhance voter registration procedures at administrative naturalization ceremonies. The revised guidance affirms that voter registration services will be made accessible at each ceremony and outlines coordination measures with governmental and non-governmental organizations. A new Form N-401 has also been introduced to … Read more